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And so it beings!

Have you ever been called to action by the Lord? What did it feel like to you? For me its a pulling inside me that I must do something. As a member of the homeschool community, Executive Director of a ministry that includes many homeschool families, and a victim of a natural disaster, I felt for the people impacted by the tornados.

I grew up in Indiana and Missouri, where tornado drills are a part of life. Now in Florida we prepare for hurricanes where we wait, and wait, and wait, sometimes with a hit, other times with a miss. In a tornado there is little warning, destruction is imminent.

So what can we do? We are a small ministry with a limited reach. We can partner, we can mobilize the community. So that’s what we are doing!

When you lose a home, and a school, everything in it is typically gone. For homeschool families that means the scissors you bought 5 years ago, the dvd player you use to watch your math videos with Mr. Steve, and the computer you use to research the duckbill platypus. In public education the government steps in and equips the school with tents, trailers or other things to get classrooms set up quickly to get children back to normal, homeschoolers don’t have that. is an effort to help homeschool families recover from this disaster. As Celebrate Kids, we are uniquely positioned to be a hub of activity for homeschoolers, speakers, vendors, and state associations to converge and join together to serve the community we are a part of. We can all pitch in and help serve these families!

Okay, now I have to go get people on board with this crazy idea!

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